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2023-12-21 12:25:13 - Categories: Campaign, Jobs, Models

A strong collaboration between Bodylab and BASIC CPH

Read and be inspired by Bodylab's active universe with both BASIC CPH and BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT models in front. There is a focus in diversity and the reflection of different lifestyles, which speaks exactly into what our model agency has as its' purpose and wants to contribute our cool models to. In the gallery you can see a wide selection of the many photo shoots the strong collaboration has resulted in over the past few years.

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2022-06-15 15:08:58 - Categories: Campaign, Jobs, Models

Sporty ladies on job with the popular brand EYDA

Regardless of body type, age and level, EYDA let you into their universe of quality clothing for an active lifestyle. Their focus is on creating workout clothes with the right fit and maximum comfort regardless of whether your active lifestyle involves walking the dog or completing an intensive workout. At BASIC CPH we love the concept and therefore just as much love that the cool creators of EYDA got their eyes on the models from our model agency and found them as the perfect fit.

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2021-12-09 10:53:25 - Categories: Campaign, Jobs, Models

Sportmodels on Summer & Spring photo shoot with Sportmaster

From summer shades to beautiful autumn colors on photo shoot with Sportmaster and cool BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT models. Get closer to the two active photo shoots and the skilled models who had the pleasure of the experience with the well-known sports brand. As a client you can get inspired for your own upcoming photo shoot or commercial film recording, and read a lot about your options for a booking at BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT.

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2021-06-17 10:49:25 - Categories: Campaign, Jobs, Models

Therése as a cool training and sportmodel for Endurance

Read about BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT's latest booking from Sports Group Denmark, which got the top-trained sportmodel Therése out for an active shoot on a sunny day in Aalborg. Therése lives in Sweden on a daily basis, but she happily drives to jobs in Denmark just like all the other worldwide models that BASIC CPH has added to the agency over the years. Therefore, if you are a client and you're looking for a special unique foreign type, we are happy to help fly in a new professional face. Just search under the "worldwide" tag on our homepage.

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2021-02-17 13:56:17 - Categories: Campaign, Jobs, Models

BASIC CPH sportmodels hitting the magazine covers of IFORM

The article tells you about the model and actors agency many loyal clients, for example the magazine IFORM, who time after time returns and contacts BASIC CPH with sportmodels booking requests for their upcoming covers and training series in the magazine as well as on the online platform. See a selection of the covers in the gallery and read about Annika, who as many of the clients, has worked with BASIC CPH for many years. You can also read about how you find a great amount of sportmodels/fitnessmodels/trainingmodels at BASIC CPH SPORT, who are always ready to find the perfect active model for exactly the next idea or marketing campaign who you as a client are dreaming about. If you search on the website you find a lot of skilled athletes doing everything from yoga, fitness and boxing to running, gymnastics, crossfit and poledance, and you can take a closer look on many of the models if using the links in the article. Further if you are interested in becoming the next sportmodel at BASIC CPH you find a link to the application form on the website.

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2020-08-19 15:25:20 - Categories: Campaign, Jobs, Models

An active day for SAYSKY

The strong sports brand SAYSKY got their eyes on our two cool sportsmodels, Djuma and Charlene, when a new collection was to be shot. Luckily the sun was shinning beautiful in the sky and our models got sweaty by running, jumping and climbing racks.

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2020-05-20 09:46:02 - Categories: Jobs

New brand, new models

Fitness Guru was about to launch their site and asked for two fresh young sportmodels for a couple of shoots outdoor. Kenneth and Julie was up for a job as always and showed up for an active day at Sankt Anna Plads in Copenhagen!

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2020-05-20 09:40:18 - Categories: Campaign, Jobs

Thomas knows his way around in the gym

Thomas is just one out of many of our cool sportmodels here at BASIC CPH, who has strong skills in various training exercises. This time the magazine 'Aktiv Træning' needed a model for a "trip around the gym" with some of the classic exercises and here our model, Thomas got the opportunity to show them how it is done..

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2020-05-20 09:25:06 - Categories: Campaign, Jobs

Strong collab with 'Aktiv Træning'

Through many years BASIC CPH has had a strong collab with Bonnier, and especially the magazine 'Aktiv Træning, which is in need of lovely faces and active bodies on an ongoing basis for their monthly editions. That is also why BASIC CPH is constantly renewing the database with additional sports, genre of training and models in different ages, so that we are always capable of meeting the requests we get.

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