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A strong collaboration between Bodylab and BASIC CPH

Be inspired by the active univers from Bodylab with BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT models in front

In 2023 we are constantly presented with an endless stream of fitness influencers, lifestyle bloggers and self-appointed life coaches, but Team Bodylab promises to be your experienced GPS and this is why we at BASIC CPH are proud about the strong brand believing in exactly our skilled sport models being able to live up to that very purpose. Over the past 4 years BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT has had the pleasure of presenting talented athletic models in a wide range of diversity who Bodylab has viewed as a great fit for their universe.

Bodylab is a sport nutrition and lifestyle brand which embraces widely and has thus seen an advantage in being able to pick a selection of different body types, athletes and looks from our model agency in order to precisely reflect the wished for inclusion and recognition of diversity in society. This means regardless of whether you are a new or experienced fitness practitioner with slimming or muscle-building goals, Bodylab wants to help you with a path and show that bodies and lifestyles are different. Therefore it is not only BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT models who has been used in the Bodylab campaigns, but also completely "ordinary" natural models from BASIC CPH who have been able to help give their clients an idea that their universe has space and opportunities for all.


Inspiration for everyone with a focus on model diversity

If you know a little or have read some about BASIC CPH then you will also know that these kinds of clients and this kind of focus precisely fits what our model agency values incredibly high. Our database has always had a clear intention about letting our clients be inspired by diversity, different looks and an overall embrace of people. BASIC CPH wish for all brands to market themselves with this focus, so the idea of the ideal body or the unequivocal "right" type is erased and thus ensure people not feeling wrong in the world or strive for something other than what they have or feel most natural about. An active and healthy lifestyle with Bodylab is not only for professional athletes at the top level with an intensive training program, but also for beginners who might just want to be inspired and helped in a healthier direction - BASIC CPH and BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT have both.

With our model agency we encourage all clients to think about diversity and difference when they have to market themselves and we try to help with this by making it easy to be inspired, navigate and find a wide selection of types on the website. In this way you as a client get the opportunity to choose models with diversity in focus and target even more broadly with your marketing.


Check out our models and let us help you with the next production

In the gallery below you will find both the experienced sport models like Mathias and Rodney, the athletic women, Taby and Oksana as well as the young attitude-filled models, Jimmy, Youssra, Christine and Patrick. The married couple, Louise and Mads, have also had the pleasure and most recently it was Benjamin and Rochel who were front faces of Bodylab's launch of their collagen powder.

Hence the BASIC CPH and BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT models are much more than "just" the pictures, and the bookers is always ready to help you find the right types for your next production if an extra element needs to be added in form of a special characteristic, ability or performance. The website is there to inspire, but if you need us to recommend a specific model cast, we are always ready to create an archive or a presentation for you which you can safely navigate in as a starting point.

BASIC CPH is the model agency wanting to make it all a little easier for you as a photographer, production company or brand. Find our contact info here on the website and start your production today.


Psst.. Bodylab just confirmed their next models from BASIC CPH for the first shoot of the New Year! Stay tuned and keep an eye on Instagram where we share a lot of sneak peeks and cool results :-)