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BASIC CPH sportmodels hitting the magazine covers of IFORM

Beautiful active women from the BASIC CPH sportmodel database work as sharp role models!

For many years BASIC CPH have wanted to and enjoyed being a model and actors agency, where clients feel well received, can have a good friendly dialogue and trust that they can be helped in their desired processes to find just the right models for their productions and ideas. IFORM are fortunately one of those who as well as Aktiv Træning from the Bonnier Group are satisfied and therefore returning customers with their need for new beautiful sportmodels month after month. And BASIC CPH are at least as happy to get them back time after time and subsequently see our beautiful models unfold in the best way in both magazine and on their online platform!


Sportmodels with rich experience

In the latest edition our cool Sportsmodel Annika was booked for the front page and inside the magazine a strength training series was made with her where she with her experienced sportsmanship had to illustrate various exercises. Annika is one of the sportmodels that we like some clients have actually had the pleasure of working with for over 20 years, so it is certainly no surprise that she is one of the extra popular sportmodels and that the work falls naturally to her so the results excite too. You can take a sneak peek at one of the exercises in the article here as much of IFORM Magazines writing and training series are also posted online. We also recommend that you surf around on other pages on the website where you can find more of our models in the process of various exercises or contributing with their faces in exciting articles about exercising, dieting and health in general.


Fitness models, training models, sport models

Regardless of the name and the desire for an active model BASIC CPH SPORT contains faces and bodies that are capable of a myriad of cool sport categories and active interests. You will find everything from Charléne who is a professional volleyball player and who has already run fast as a model for the sportsbrand, Saysky (see article here) to our booming fitness girl Vygante, our fast-running Louise (who among others has been a model for H&M SPORT!) and our former elite rower Timmy (Aktiv Træning Covermodel) who now also lifts iron and sprints off to crossfit! In addition of course we also have athletes who master pole dancing, practice yoga, work as personal trainers as well as many other active types that you can easily find and be inspired by if you just take a look down our sports page.

BASIC CPH are constantly trying to innovate with new sporty types and age groups as society also offers new sports and of course we always wish to be able to meet the demands from our sweet clients. Whether you as a client come from a seasoned or new brand we will do our absolute best to help you find the face that is just the right one for your marketing idea.

Here in the gallery you can see a selection of some of the beautiful covers that our latest women have been booked to shine on!

Psst.. if you have a dream of getting the chance to be presented as BASIC CPH's next sport model then remember we always accept applications via our application form on the website..