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Therése as a cool training and sportmodel for Endurance

An active sunny day with the experienced Swedish sportmodel from BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT

Sports Group Denmark is a company with a focus on sportswear who BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT is really happy to have a good collaboration with in relation with their desire to book various cool sportmodels. The company shoot brands within both men, women and children fashion. Most recently it was BASIC CPH's strong female sportmodel, Therése, who spends a large part of her daily time on tennis in Sweden. Therése lives in Malmö, but fortunately for the agency she has no problem taking a trip to Zeland, Funen or Jutland to participate in relevant sports jobs, where she can show off her gorgeous active appearance - and she has done so in great style as a sportmodel again this time!


Did you know that the model and actor agency represents models from all over the world?

The sportmodel Therése is just one of our many beautiful "worldwide" models, which our site so nicely marks using the worldwide tag under "type" of model. Many years ago BASIC CPH experienced a greater interest from foreign models, who wanted to become part of the model and actor agency and at the same time some of our clients in Denmark started requesting new model types for their upcoming shoots. Of course it fitted perfectly and BASIC CPH saw a great advantage in expanding the model database with some of the wonderful professional models who live across national borders - both in relation to sportmodels and our other types of models. For a start it was mainly the German, both male and female models, who got accepted at the agency, and BASIC CPH actually decided to enter a collaboration with the German model agency, Elbmodels in Hamburg, in order to better build a stable booking process. See for example the handsome Ingo, who we have booked for both Arjo, Geberit, HTH and most recently Garia Golf Carts, which you can read more about in a detailed article here.

In recent years BASIC CPH has also expanded with many models from Spain (check out for example the teenage model Luna, who we flew in for a photoshoot with the CIFF fair), from England (including cool Tiarna, who has been in Copenhagen several times for LEGO), from Sweden (Aron and his beautiful family, who are used both individually and together) and most recently from France, where we decided to enter a collaboration with Liliane from Mademoiselle Agency, who has created contact with 8 new fantastic professional faces, who you can find at BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO.


What is the booking procedure for a client with an interest in sportmodels or other typemodels marked as worldwide?

If you as a client has become interested in booking a wonderful BASIC CPH model marked with the worldwide tag under type then of course we will brief you on all relevant circumstances. Whether it is a sportmodel or another typemodel, you can see the city in their first name and thus where the model are to be flown in from. We are happy to help you find prices, book tickets and accommodation if necessary, and the costs is simply just added to the booking fee. You as a client will therefore pay the regular booking price for the model's work and then transport fee depending on the best possible prices to find for flight and hotel fitting the shoot with you. Of course the regular booking price can also variate according to what the individual worldwide model has as daily working fee as these models are often in the top professional category.

Remember you as a client are always welcome to contact the agency if there are any doubts! BASIC CPH will never charge anything for answering inquiries, look at models with you or have a good chat with you about the possibilities. Find all contact information under 'contact us' on the website.